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Classic Treatment Techniques Used for Treating Ailments

Sickness and diseases are a part of modern-day lives. All of us are damaged by problems which are completely hijama to us or which are beyond our creativeness. There are times when the patients do not reply to the most advanced treatment procedure and that we get nervous and uncertain of our next possible step. When such situation occurs, then it is smart to contemplate what our ancestors and also the generation before us did. There was a time when people treated their ailments with the aid of traditional medicines and they lived a much healthy life. In the Muslim community traditional Islamic drugs are being used in a huge way and these are being used to heal many different varieties of diseases.

Hijama is one such ancient treatment procedure that offers alleviation from many diseases. It can be derived from the Persia word ‘Hajm’ which actually means ‘sucking’. In this procedure cups are applied all over the body of a human at different points by removing the air from the interior part of the cups to form a vacuum.

Hijama is a remedy which can be applied anywhere on the body especially on the site of pain. This takes the pain away. The place where this remedy is applied is first shaved. This kind of ensures a tight close with the cups and skin. Traditionally horns were used in host to cups. The modern experts use machines, but there are still people who stick to the typical approach to therapy.

But this remedy can never be handled with a specialist who does not have enough training in this field. It can be practiced in a germ-free and excellent condition. The practitioners always wear gloves and make sure everything is cool and clean. All the equipment and tools that are utilized during this remedy are completely new and those are for sole use only. After the completing the remedy all the apparatus are discarded and thrown away.

Apart from the treatment there is yet another thing that is attached to Hijama. There is a spiritual side to the remedy also. It was practiced by the Prophet (PBUH) him or her self. So it is actually a Sunnah practicing which may bring people closer to Allah. This remedy offers energy to the individuals body as it opens the meridians in the body.


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